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Ever since construction began on Washington Park in 1899, it has become a popular destination among tourists and Denver locals. With the arrival of street cars in 1901, people began to move out of the confined downtown area, which fueled growth in the Washington Park area for the next 50 years. Reinhardt Schuetze designed the park using native trees and shrubs from the mountains to landscape it. His design still very much lives on in the present day park, and the neighborhood surrounding it has become one of the most coveted urban neighborhoods in Denver.

Washington Park, or Wash Park as the locals call it, has wonderfully scenic and unique surrounding neighborhoods. Along with one of the lowest crime rates in the city, it also provides an abundance of activities and beautiful single-family homes. Wash Park is located in south central Denver, which allows easy access to downtown, Capitol Hill, and Cherry Creek, but still has a residential neighborhood feeling.

The neighborhood is divided into East Wash Park and West Wash Park. West Wash Park has more of a hip, young crowd with a great selection of coffee shops and bars. East Wash Park is known for its single-family homes and quiet family atmosphere. The main attraction of this neighborhood is Wash Park itself. Covering 165 acres, it is the largest park in Denver, and the heart of the gorgeous and cohesive neighborhood where people can experience the urban outdoors at its best.

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